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ProNasus offers a range of services to help you with your relocation.

We are happy to work together with you on any number of separate elements and are happy to supply additional services.

Our Method of working:

  • Initial consultation:
    • - to discuss and evaluate the scope of services required.
  • Post consultation:
    • - ProNansus will submit detailed price quotations for all outlined services with full terms of engagement.
  • Service Agreement:
    • - following agreement of all services and costs.
  • Engagement and Execution of Services:
    • - ProNasus will undertake the arrangements of all agreed services in an efficient and professional manner, liaising fully with all relevant parties throughout the service process.
  • Customer satisfaction sign off process:
    • - A final consultation will be arranged to ensure total customer satisfaction!

Our Supplier Partners

ProNasus offers a full dedicated service to assist in all your relocation needs by engaging and working closely with professional specialist suppliers who share the same high standard of business ethics and quality of service. Our supplier partners are integral to our success! For this reason we are dedicated to creating and maintaining strong supplier relationships to enable competitive pricing, quality service delivery and complete customer satisfaction!

  • Professional Insurance:
    • - ProNasus is fully insured for Public Liability & Professional Indemnity.
  • Disclosure & Barring Service Checks:
    • - Employees of ProNasus hold DBS certification.
  • General Data Protection Regulation:
    • - ProNasus is GDPR compliant with all personal information & is ICO registered.

To reduce stress, we recommend commencing pre-move preparations at least 6-8 weeks in advance of your proposed moving day!

  • Create bespoke Planning Schedules & Project Checklists
    • Careful relocation pre-planning is very important, especially when downsizing. ProNasus can aid decision making and co-ordination of appropriate service suppliers by creating step by step scheduling and checklists to offer direction and clarity.
  • Sourcing and engaging relevant professional supplier services
    • A relocation involves sourcing, engaging, scheduling and liaison with the relevant professional service suppliers incl. removal companies, storage facilities, auction houses, home clearance professionals, cleaners etc. Project managing multiple suppliers can be daunting and time consuming, our services will streamline the process and eliminate stress.
  • Decluttering
    • A certain amount of decluttering is involved in any relocation. However, when downsizing, particularly from a long-term family home the need to part with treasured possessions can be heart wrenching. ProNasus will offer caring, respectful guidance and practical assistance throughout the entire process. We also offer pre-move packing and box labelling, if not undertaken by your removal company.
  • If downsizing: Pre - Move assessment of the furniture to be transferred to your new home
    • Assessing and establishing that furniture will fit in your new home is better done before moving day! We can liaise closely with you and your removal company, produce floor plan layouts and inventory checklists and where necessary arrange the photographing /videoing of your furniture room by room to assist in the process.
  • Assistance with necessary arrangements for vacating your property
    • The services of ProNasus include co-oridanating disconnection of household appliances, closure of billing for gas, electric, telephone, internet etc, final cleaning of your property including oven, fridge, carpets etc. , removal of any fixtures and fittings not included in a sale , any redecoration that’s required if ending a tenancy, redirection of post and cancellation of regular deliveries etc.

  • Moving day pet arrangements
    • Moving is a disorientating experience for any pets, we can help with advice and practical assistance.
  • Help with pre-authorization moving day parking
    • If not being undertaken by your removal company - where parking restrictions require access authorization by local authorities or neighbours we can liaise with all relevant parties.
  • Packing and Unpacking service
    • Where required ProNasus will undertake any pre-move box packing and labeling. We also offer a complete unpacking service including placing all items in cupboards, draws etc.putting up pictures, making up beds etc.
  • Change of address notification – administration
    • We can assist with all necessary notifications and relevant administration relating to your relocation in a professional manner.
  • Booking of any overnight accommodation the night before your move, if desired
    • Home all packed up! Alternative, pre-move, overnight accommodation can be practical and stress relieving. ProNasus will be happy to manage all reservations and arrangements.
  • Personal onsite support and assistance on the day of your move
    • Personal onsite support can be invaluable! No family or friends on hand? ProNasus can step in. By coordinating all elements of the moving day process, liaising closely with everyone involved, assisting with unpacking and setting up of your new home we will limit stress, aiding a smooth day’s transition into your new home.
    • Alternatively, if you would prefer to relax elsewhere ProNasus can fully manage all onsite arrangements on your behalf, allowing you to eventually step into your new home with everything tidy and in place!
  • First grocery shop for your new home
    • If you would like to have your fridge, freezer and food cupboards fully stocked for your first day we can co-ordinate all arrangements on your behalf.
  • Full system check and set up of IT, media and home appliances
    • ProNasus will arrange full system checks, arrange service connections -broadband, tel., etc. for move in day and ensure everything is set up & functioning - TV, printers, household appliances, heating & air con., timers etc.

Complete management of your relocation from start to finish :

ProNasus can fully project manage your relocation.During initial consultations we will establish the full scope of the services required to complete your move. We will then work through the following phases to completion:

  • Full logistical planning service - detailing all relevant services and professional supplier costs
  • Engagement of mutually agreed and approved professional suppliers
  • Personal management and monitoring of all agreed aspects of your move
  • Onsite presence to supervise all proceedings and ensure a smooth move
  • Customer satisfaction sign off process

Recycling wherever possible is important! ProNasus can assist through the process of sorting, selling, recycling, and disposing of excess household items and furniture in the most sustainable manner. These services include:

  • Decluttering – advice and practical assistance with reducing your possessions
  • Downsizing support – Pre move furniture assessment, what will fit, what won’t !
  • Resourcing effective ways of selling, storing or recycling excess furniture/household items
  • Liaison with preferred charities, auction houses etc. for agreed sale/gifting etc.
  • Clearance - Former property clearance and disposal

For practical reasons, a re-visit to your future new home may be required to assess:

  • - Furniture placement etc.
  • - Any special needs adaptation
  • - Building modifications
  • - Security concerns and installations

If relatives or friends are unable to support time away from their work etc. to escort or join you, ProNasus can arrange accompanied visits.

Where desired we will also be happy to liaise with any relevant parties, family, suppliers etc following any visit.

  • Back to business – Covid 19 Compliance
    • ProNasus can assist you adapt to meet relevant safety operational guidelines for your business workspace. Through a combination of bespoke strategic evaluation, remodelling and de-cluttering our bespoke services can help make your office or shop premises both compliant and user friendly to all!
  • Home office space -Creating a better environment
    • As a result of Covid 19 home has for many people suddenly become the new office! Working from a home or apartment, particularly one which does not have separate office room space, can be stressful. However, by simple bespoke modifications, ProNasus can assist you to transform your working environment to create a more harmonious office and home life balance!