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About Us

As an open-minded natural communicator, I like to work closely with people. My early career in the travel Industry involved problem solving for clients in various destinations around the world. Later I moved into the pressurised world of Project Managing Global Corporate Programmes & Events for some of the world’s most prestigious International Corporations. In this fiercely competitive environment attention to detail, logistical expertise and strong communication skills were essential.

Travelling, setting up home and working globally within differing cultures taught me to appreciate the importance of remaining calm, listening, learning and adapting to diverse individual, multicultural needs. A lesson that has helped me in everyday life. Progressive personal ambitions resulted in a relocation to New York to set up a new home and company. Over 25 years I managed, developed and grew my business, opening further offices in San Francisco and Chicago.

The creation of ProNasus now gives me the opportunity to evolve, encompassing both business and personal experience and skills to offer bespoke local services where I believe there is an increasing need!

Susan Grier- Founder & Director

Reasons to choose ProNasus :

  • Dedicated bespoke service
  • Personal caring attention to detail, conducted with empathy and compassion
  • Open natural communication including listening and discussing
  • Organised logistical expertise and problem-solving skills
  • Full practical experiences of moving and setting up a new home
  • Outside of the box problem solving to achieve workable solutions
  • Project planning allowing deliverability of any bespoke service on time
  • Ability to manage any project from start to finish discussing, researching, evaluating budgeting and delivering through to project completion
  • Calm reassuring service whenever you need it
  • All suppliers and sub-contractors used in our projects carry industry approved accreditations and quality approvals and any relevant business insurances